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The brightest gamma-ray burst ever seen, the largest explosion known since the Big Bang, has a unique jet structure unlike any other

Scientists may finally know what made the largest explosion in the universe ever seen by mankind so powerful. Astronomers have found that the brightest gamma ray burst (GRB) never seen had a unique jet structure and dragged an unusually large amount of stellar material with it. This could explain the extreme properties of the explosion,… Read More »

Cheops explores mysterious hot mini-Neptunes

ESA’s Cheops exoplanet mission has confirmed the existence of four hot exoplanets orbiting four stars in our Milky Way galaxy. These exoplanets range in size from Earth to Neptune and orbit their stars closer than Mercury to our Sun. These so-called mini-Neptunes are unlike any planet in our Solar System and provide a missing link… Read More »

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe plunges into fast solar wind and discovers its mysterious source

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe (PSP) has detected the origin and structure of the solar wind near the sun’s surface by observing high-energy particles aligned with fluxes in the coronal holes. This discovery, which indicates magnetic reconnection within these regions, improves our understanding and prediction of solar storms hitting Earth. Credit: NASA GSFC/CIL/Brian Monroe NASA’s Parker… Read More »

The birth of a black hole has created the brightest space explosion ever

A record The most powerful sky-lighting space explosion we’ve ever seen was caused by a structured jet carrying massive amounts of exploded stellar innards aimed directly at Earth, scientists have determined. The gamma-ray burst GRB 221009A, detected in October last yearwas so brilliant that our instruments struggled to measure it. But as clues emerged, scientists… Read More »

Nuview reveals backers including actor Leonardo DiCaprio

SAN FRANCISCO Nuview, a startup that intends to establish a constellation of light-sensing and range-finding (lidar) satellites, announced investments from US and European venture capital funds, as well as actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio. We see many opportunities in working with Mr. DiCaprio over the next few years to raise awareness both nationally and… Read More »

Caltech claims to have transmitted energy to Earth from satellite

Researchers at a US university say they have beamed energy from an orbiting satellite to a detector on Earth, proving that harvesting energy from solar panels in space is technically possible. The eggheads at the California Institute of Technology, aka Caltech, said they used a satellite launched into orbit in January to demonstrate the ability… Read More »

Astronomers observe giant tails of helium escaping the Jupiter-like planet

This article was reviewed based on Science X’s editorial process and policies. The editors have highlighted the following attributes ensuring the credibility of the content: verified peer-reviewed publication trusted source correct OK! Simulated view of the planet HAT-P-32b orbiting its parent star, HAT-P-32A. The planet is nearly twice the size of Jupiter and is losing… Read More »

Space Command seeks more efficient use of space and missile tracking sensors

WASHINGTON In its new role overseeing the nation’s missile defense sensor network, the US Space Command plans to make more efficient use of these resources, officials said June 7. Gordon White, Space Commands deputy head of global sensor management, said the recent realignment of responsibilities President Biden approved in April is significant because it puts… Read More »