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Americans reject “tip creep” “It’s time to take a stand,” says the expert

There are more opportunities than ever to tip for a wider range of services. Between the high cost of living and the uncertain economy, cash-strapped consumers are starting to tip less. Two-thirds of Americans have a negative opinion about tipping, according to Bankrate, particularly when it comes to contactless and digital payment requests with predetermined… Read More »

Merck sues Biden administration over Medicare drug pricing talks

Merck is suing the Department of Health and Human Services over Medicare’s new powers to reduce drug prices under the Inflation Reduction Act. In a scathing complaint filed in federal district court, Merck criticized the negotiation process as a “false” and “amounting to extortion.” Merck has asked the US District Court for the District of… Read More »

Europe grapples with precarious water situation ahead of another drought-ridden summer

Water resources in Europe are becoming increasingly scarce due to the worsening climate emergency. Reservoirs in Mediterranean countries such as Italy have dropped to water levels typically associated with summer heatwaves in recent weeks. It comes as temperatures are poised to soar over the summer and many fear Europe’s already “very precarious” water problem could… Read More »