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Arnold Schwarzenegger says “No one gives a damn about climate change” and calls for a new name

Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his climate change activism, advocates a new approach to tackling the problem. In an interview with CBS News, Schwarzenegger expressed his belief that reframing the climate crisis as pollution could have a more significant impact on mobilizing people to protect the planet. Not to be missed: Why Jason Calacanis and other… Read More »

New Maryland Recycling Law Aims to Change ‘Throw Culture’

In one county in Western Maryland, 350 tons of garbage, yard and construction debris roll across the scale in the landfill every day. In Annapolis, a new law is trying to reduce that number, while making sure recycling rates statewide are high and only what’s needed to begin with is produced. While the legislation’s most… Read More »

The destruction of Ukraine’s dams could change ecosystems forever, officials say

Comment on this storyComment The destruction of a major dam and hydroelectric plant on the frontline of the war in Ukraine could dry up the rich agricultural region of southern Ukraine, carry pollutants into waterways and disrupt ecosystems that had grown up around the huge reservoir which is now rapidly flooding downstream, though the full… Read More »

Will Climate Change Migration Overpopulate Asheville?

If elbow room seems to be in short supply on Asheville’s roads and trails, just wait for expected climatic migration. Asheville was recently named third in a list of the top 12 US cities most likely to receive an influx of residents due to climate migration by a sustainable real estate expert in conversation with… Read More »

Why climate change is fueling the increase in mosquito numbers in NC

They’re as much a part of summer in Southeast North Carolina as the sun, sand, and surf. But the buzz generated by these kids isn’t one that anyone really appreciates, and a new study shows that North Carolina’s warm climate fueled by climate change is creating better living conditions for the region’s bloodsucking residents. A… Read More »