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Arnold Schwarzenegger says “No one gives a damn about climate change” and calls for a new name

Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his climate change activism, advocates a new approach to tackling the problem. In an interview with CBS News, Schwarzenegger expressed his belief that reframing the climate crisis as pollution could have a more significant impact on mobilizing people to protect the planet. Not to be missed: Why Jason Calacanis and other… Read More »

Choking on climate denial | Editorial

If you’re wondering what the cost of climate change is, well, here it is: It’s diminishing the quality of your life today. It’s the apocalyptic haze that hangs over our state, that weird cough when you step outside and taste the smoke from a bushfire that’s burning nearly 700 miles away. Climate change is too… Read More »

Smoke from wildfires in Rochester NY from Canada shows climate reality

The climate crisis, including increasing heat, prolonged drought and a thirsty atmosphere, has been a key factor in the increase in the risk and extent of wildfires in the United States Drought and persistent heat set the stage for extraordinary 2020-2022 fire seasons in many western states, with all three years far exceeding the average… Read More »

Critical Mining For Renewable Energy Linked To Hundreds Of Alleged Human Rights Violations – Inside Climate News

Over the past twelve years, hundreds of alleged human rights violations have been committed by more than 90 companies that mine minerals vital to the production of clean energy, a UK-based human rights organization said in a report released Wednesday. The Business and Human Rights Resource Center said the alleged abuses involve global mining of… Read More »

Unraveling the Historical Journey of the Green Bean: A Story of Evolution, Migration, and Climate Adaptation

The mung bean, commonly known as green gram, has played a vital role as a cheap source of protein in regions where access to meat is limited. Over 4,500 years, the cultivation of this humble legume has sustained civilizations throughout its history. While its migration routes and cultivation expansion have been a mystery, a new… Read More »

Puerto Rico So Hot This Week, Surprising Some Meteorologists – Inside Climate News

Puerto Ricans are no strangers to heat. Even on the coldest winter days, the Caribbean island and largest U.S. territory rarely sees daytime temperatures below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. But Puerto Rico is so hot this week that it’s baffling some weather experts, who warn other parts of the world are likely to experience similar extreme… Read More »

Brazilian Lula outlines plan to halt Amazon deforestation and make country a ‘global benchmark’ on climate

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) Brazilian President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva on Monday unveiled a plan to end illegal deforestation in the Amazon, a major campaign pledge that is a key step in addressing the country’s significant carbon emissions from the region. This strategy, which is expected to be implemented over four years, provides a roadmap… Read More »

Regardless of what Mr. Bean says, electric vehicles are much better for the environment than petrol vehicles – Inside Climate News

Researchers studying emissions from EVs versus gasoline-powered vehicles have become accustomed to the occasional flare up of the idea, often misframed, that EVs are bad because of emissions related to mining and car manufacturing. . This idea received new attention on Saturday with the publication of an opinion piece in The Guardian by comedian and… Read More »

The COP28 official sees oil and gas companies playing a key role at the UN climate summit

Photo illustration: Annelise Capossela/Axios. Photo: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images The upcoming United Nations climate summit in Dubai will aim to close the gap between the climate goals of the Paris Agreement and global emissions pledges, according to COP28 Director-General Majid al-Suwaidi. Because matter: COP28 is seen as a last-ditch effort to limit warming… Read More »