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The birth of a black hole has created the brightest space explosion ever

A record The most powerful sky-lighting space explosion we’ve ever seen was caused by a structured jet carrying massive amounts of exploded stellar innards aimed directly at Earth, scientists have determined. The gamma-ray burst GRB 221009A, detected in October last yearwas so brilliant that our instruments struggled to measure it. But as clues emerged, scientists… Read More »

Michael Cutrone: Watchdog Report Finds Former Pentagon Official Created Toxic Work Environment | CNN Politics

The US Air Force Staff Sergeant. Jackie Sanders/DOD/DVIDS Cnn A newly released Defense Department Inspector General investigation found that a former senior Pentagon executive berated and belittled subordinates, cursed at them, made some employees cry, and generally created a toxic work environment. Michael Cutrone served as principal deputy and assistant secretary of defense for international… Read More »