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Pharmacists seek drugivermectin approval for horse deworming in war on resurgent scabies

Pharmacists urgently ask the government to approve the controversial ‘wormer’ drug ivermectin to treat a skin mite infection amid rising case reports and widespread treatment shortages. The highly contagious condition, scabies, causes intense itching, a raised rash, and is easily spread in close contact with others. There has been a spike in outbreaks over the… Read More »

The FDA gives the green light to imports of Chinese cancer drugs with a cure rate of up to 90%.

A drug that is the “backbone” of chemotherapy will be imported from China into the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced. The cisplatin used by one in five cancer patients has been in shortage since February, due to the closure of a major supplier. This drug, which has a 90% cure… Read More »

I was abandoned by my mother due to my rare genetic condition, then my baby was brain damaged

A woman who was abandoned by her mother as a baby due to her rare genetic condition has revealed how her son was brain damaged in a tragic twist of fate when he was just 18 months old. Kaddy Thomas, from Clevedon, North Somerset, who has dedicated her life to caring for her son Elijah,… Read More »

AstraZeneca’s new UK lung cancer drug hailed as a ‘game changer’

AstraZeneca’s new UK lung cancer drug is hailed as a ‘game changer’ that can HALF the risk of death By Kate Pickles Updated: 5:43 PM EDT, June 4, 2023 Research has shown that a ‘breakthrough’ British drug can halve the risk of dying from lung cancer. The groundbreaking study found that patients who received osimertinib… Read More »