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New York hits dangerous air pollution from wildfire smoke live updates in Canada

Mesmerizing drone footage shows the New York skyline blanketed in orange haze Sign up for Independent Climate’s email for the latest advice on how to save the planet Receive our free climate email New York City was blanketed in a sci-fi orange glow Wednesday afternoon as thicker smoke billowed south from Canada’s devastating wildfires. The… Read More »

Millions of people breathe dangerous air as smoke from Canadian wildfires billows south over the United States

NEW YORK (AP) Smoke from Canadian wildfires has poured into the East Coast and Midwest of the United States Wednesday, blanketing both nations’ capitals in an unhealthy haze, grounding flights at major airports, postponing Major League Baseball games and prompting people to dig up the face masks of the pandemic era. Canadian officials have asked… Read More »

Delivery drivers share what it’s like to deliver in the dangerous smoke of wildfires

Image credit: Getty Images Package delivery drivers worked through smoke from wildfires in New York City on Wednesday, even as air quality became “hazardous” in the afternoon and clouds of pungent yellow smog descended on the city. The drivers said that despite the outdoor conditions, UPS did not change their schedules or take any precautions… Read More »

Smoke from wildfires: Millions of people in North America face dangerous air quality, due to wildfires in Canada

More than 400 active wildfires erupted across Canada Tuesday night, according to authorities, exacerbating a wildfire season that has forced the evacuation of tens of thousands of people, created a sense of anxiety across the country and triggered air quality alerts hundreds of miles south in the United States. The danger from wildfires, which in… Read More »

The eastern United States is engulfed in the dangerous plume of smoke from the Canadian wildfires

Comment on this storyComment The smoky scenes and threat of fast-moving wildfires so common in California over the past few summers are now paying the eastern United States an unwelcome, unlikely, and toxic visit. A thick shroud of smoke from the Canadian wildfires is wafting south over much of the Midwest, Ohio Valley, Northeast and… Read More »

Giant algae ‘Blob’ could be carrying dangerous bacteria

A kelp patch twice the size of the United States that’s sweeping through the Caribbean and carrying loads of seaweed to Florida beaches is also carrying some unwelcome tourists: disease-causing bacteria. And the plastic debris we pour into the oceans could make it worse. Bacteria belong to a genus called Vibrio, which includes more than… Read More »

Firefighters against dangerous mosquitoes: New technology can protect against the spread of tropical diseases

The warm season in Europe marks the beginning of the high season for mosquitoes. While they and their larvae serve as prey for many animals and thus play an important role in the ecosystem, humans find the small bloodsuckers rather annoying. Meanwhile, they can also become dangerous for us: Mosquitoes from tropical and Asian regions… Read More »