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More work needed to meet LDL goals: SANTORINI

MANNHEIM More patients with high cardiovascular risk are reaching their LDL-cholesterol goals probably thanks to combination lipid-lowering therapy, but much work remains to be done, suggest data from a European registry. More than 7200 patients with baseline and 1-year cholesterol measurements from the SANTORINI registry were included in the current analysis. The results showed that… Read More »

Nearly two decades after NASA, China and Europe considered Ars Technica commercial cargo plans

Zoom in / SpaceX launches its 28th resupply mission to the International Space Station on Monday, June 5, 2023. SpaceX Just in the last month, both the European and Chinese space agencies launched a call for private companies to develop the capability to deliver cargo to space stations in low Earth orbit. On May 11,… Read More »

Daily briefing: Europe reflects on a free open access editorial plan

HI Nature Readers, would you like to receive this Briefing free in your inbox every day? Sign up here. The samples were collected during around 3,000 dives by scientists aboard a research vessel Tare.Credit: Pete West/Tara Ocean Foundation The largest-ever survey of Pacific Ocean corals has found that coral reefs are home to microbes with… Read More »

The Ukrainian dam that supplies water to the nuclear power plant and Crimea has been breached, causing flooding

Huge Soviet-era dam supplies water to nuclear power plant, Crimea Russia and Ukraine blame each other for dam break UN atomic agency: no immediate risk for nuclear safety The dam is located in the Russian-occupied part of the Kherson region Russia says it is repelling Ukrainian attacks in the east KIEV, June 6 (Reuters) –… Read More »

Europe grapples with precarious water situation ahead of another drought-ridden summer

Water resources in Europe are becoming increasingly scarce due to the worsening climate emergency. Reservoirs in Mediterranean countries such as Italy have dropped to water levels typically associated with summer heatwaves in recent weeks. It comes as temperatures are poised to soar over the summer and many fear Europe’s already “very precarious” water problem could… Read More »