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More work needed to meet LDL goals: SANTORINI

MANNHEIM More patients with high cardiovascular risk are reaching their LDL-cholesterol goals probably thanks to combination lipid-lowering therapy, but much work remains to be done, suggest data from a European registry. More than 7200 patients with baseline and 1-year cholesterol measurements from the SANTORINI registry were included in the current analysis. The results showed that… Read More »

Startup Using Project ARM to Give European Quantum a Fighting Chance | Sieved

There’s a lot of ground between humanity and a working quantum computer, and experts fear Europe could be left behind as the US and China pour billions into the technology. But a startup from the small German city of Ulm believes it can help smaller players with less capital compete against the bigwigs at Google… Read More »

ESA aims to send astronauts to the moon with a European rocket

The European Space Agency is preparing proposals for the development of spacecraft over the next decade that could take ESA astronauts to orbit and to the Moon, according to its director general Josef Aschbacher. Speaking to the Financial Times ahead of the FT Investing in Space summit in London, Aschbacher said developing an independent human… Read More »