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Genetic Analysis AS signs an agreement with ELTA90 Group to distribute and launch GA-map technology in the Balkan region

OSLO, NORWAY – June 8, 2023: Molecular diagnostics specialist, Genetic Analysis AS (“GA”) has entered into a distribution agreement with ELTA90 Group (“ELTA90”), a rapidly growing Sofia-based distributor of laboratory diagnostics in the Balkan region with operations in various countries. One of the areas of interest of ELTA90 is specialized molecular diagnostics for the clinical… Read More »

A new study asks whether racehorses have reached their genetic peak

for decades there was an apparent paradox in horse racing. The sport is lucrative (Mage, this year’s Kentucky Derby winner, earned his owner $1.9 million) and the fastest horse wins. Horses with good results and a good pedigree are used as breeding stock for the next generation. Horse breeders were armed with a lot of… Read More »

Genetic test leads to correct diagnosis of boy with atypia…

Despite having few signs and symptoms of Angelman syndrome (AS), a newborn was eventually diagnosed on genetic testing because of his nonspecific developmental delays and unexplained low muscle tone, according to one case study. This report is a good example of giving physicians a lower threshold for suspecting and diagnosing AS, the researchers wrote. This… Read More »

Lyric (Formerly ClaimsXten Portfolio) To Add Genetic Testing Edit Module To Its Market-Leading Payment Accuracy Solutions

At the end of April, ClaimsXten Portfolio, the market leader in claims modification solutions, became Lyric, with the aim of simplifying the assistance business. Strategic partnership announced today combines Lyric’s market-leading statement editing solution with Concert Genetics machine learning models and proprietary genetic testing market data and will help address pain points for health plans… Read More »

The coastal family faces a rare genetic condition

Roya Malaekeh, a mother of three from El Granada, never lets her thoughts wander too far into the future. After her daughter Shadi Bozorginia, who turns 7 this month, was diagnosed with the rare genetic condition of Schaaf-Yang syndrome, Malaekeh has learned to take days and hours as they come. I’m just looking to maybe… Read More »

The genetic structure of Isthmiophora melis populations (Schrank, 1788) (Digenea: Echinostomatidae). Is the diet of the guests important? – Parasites and vectors

Digeneans are one of the most unique and most numerous groups of parasitic flatworms. Their life cycle is complex, with few parthenogenetic generations and only one hermaphrodite [21]. Due to the complexity of the life cycle, these parasites are often subject to various modifications of their life strategies. There are several ways the lifecycle can… Read More »

Genetic basis of pelvic organ prolapse in the sow

Sow mortality has been a major growing concern for the swine industry, attracting the attention of producers, researchers and industry experts. The trend of increasing mortality rates is being observed globally, posing a serious production and welfare problem for the global swine industry. More importantly, the economic losses associated with sow mortality are substantial. Such… Read More »

The future of genetic engineering: promises and ethical dilemmas

Genetic engineering has immense potential to revolutionize various aspects of our lives, from medicine and agriculture to environmental conservation. This article delves into the future of genetic engineering, exploring the considerable promise it holds for scientific advances and societal benefits. With great power comes great responsibility and ethical dilemmas surround the application of genetic engineering.… Read More »

Genetic analysis confirms presence of wolf-dog hybrids in India | Weather forecast. com

Representative image: Indian gray wolf pups. (Molina Khimani/ TOI Jaipur) We’ve all heard the ancient idiom wolf in sheep’s clothing! While this cautionary tale warns of potential treachery, a citizen science initiative in Pune has now spotted such a real-life concoction that it could threaten the entire wolf population in India. A campaign led by… Read More »