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Integration of woven graphene into energy storage devices

Woven graphene is an intriguing contender for applications in next-generation energy storage and conversion devices due to its intrinsic physical qualities and the high degree of tunability of its electronic properties. Image Credit: MZinchenko/Shutterstock.com What is Entangled Graphene? Twisted graphene, also known as twisted bilayer graphene, is a unique structure that can be created by… Read More »

Speed-of-light advances: Nanoprocessing of graphene with a femtosecond laser

Illustration of a graphene film perforated by laser irradiation. The size of the carbon atoms is exaggerated and differs from the real size. Credit: Yuuki Uesugi et al. Tohoku University researchers have used a femtosecond laser to successfully micro/nanofabricate[{” attribute=””>graphene films, creating multi-point holes without damage and removing contaminants. The technique could replace traditional, more… Read More »