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See the numbers through the smoke: DEQ tracks how wildfire has worsened air quality in the high desert in recent years – KTVZ

More ‘unhealthy’ air quality readings in the high desert – and now ‘dangerous’ too PORTLAND, Oregon (KTVZ) — A look out the window or a walk in a park or neighborhood on many a smoky summer day over the past few years tells Central Oregonians what the latest data confirms: Those conditions that make the… Read More »

Power of Exercise: Counteracting the High Genetic Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

A new study has found a strong correlation between high levels of physical activity and a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, even among individuals with a high genetic predisposition for the condition. The research, involving 59,325 UK Biobank participants monitored via wrist accelerometers over a period of up to seven years, showed that one… Read More »

We probably saved their lives: DNA sequencing of newborns reveals high cancer risks for parents

Ten Years ago, doctors at a handful of hospitals across the United States began sequencing the genomes of apparently healthy babies, trying to figure out how the technology could reveal hidden genetic disorders that go undetected by routine newborn blood tests. New research from one such study suggests that the impact of having that kind… Read More »