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‘Groundbreaking’ lung cancer drug cuts risk of death in half, says ‘exciting’ study.

ALUNGcancerdrug available on the NHS halves the risk of death, according to a study. Scientists say exciting study results show osimertinib will increase survival of thousands of British patients. 2 One study found that a lung cancer drug halves the risk of deathCredit: Getty 2 Osimertinib, sold under the name Tagrisso, is already available on… Read More »

AstraZeneca’s new UK lung cancer drug hailed as a ‘game changer’

AstraZeneca’s new UK lung cancer drug is hailed as a ‘game changer’ that can HALF the risk of death By Kate Pickles Updated: 5:43 PM EDT, June 4, 2023 Research has shown that a ‘breakthrough’ British drug can halve the risk of dying from lung cancer. The groundbreaking study found that patients who received osimertinib… Read More »

Best Lung Health Supplements: Herbal support for the respiratory system

The lungs are critical to overall health, facilitating the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The employment ofrespiratory supplementsand a healthy lifestyle can support the lungs and help ensure their function. The following article provides insights into some of the best supplements for lung health, explaining how certain herbs can contribute to respiratory health. Herbs… Read More »