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The coastal family faces a rare genetic condition

Roya Malaekeh, a mother of three from El Granada, never lets her thoughts wander too far into the future. After her daughter Shadi Bozorginia, who turns 7 this month, was diagnosed with the rare genetic condition of Schaaf-Yang syndrome, Malaekeh has learned to take days and hours as they come. I’m just looking to maybe… Read More »

What drugs have replaced opioid painkillers? The answers may surprise you

If you go to the doctor complaining of pain, don’t be surprised if your doctor prescribes anti-epileptic drugs, or an antidepressant, or even plain old Tylenol or ibuprofen. As healthcare providers move away from addictive opioid painkillers, other classes of drugs with pain-relieving properties are filling the gap. A Buffalo News review of nearly 10… Read More »

Best Lung Health Supplements: Herbal support for the respiratory system

The lungs are critical to overall health, facilitating the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The employment ofrespiratory supplementsand a healthy lifestyle can support the lungs and help ensure their function. The following article provides insights into some of the best supplements for lung health, explaining how certain herbs can contribute to respiratory health. Herbs… Read More »