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Exploiting quantum physics: A new visualization technique provides insight into photosynthesis

Scientists have developed an illustrative method called coherence maps to elucidate quantum phenomena. They used these maps to gain insight into the quantum mechanics behind the photosynthesis process that plants and some bacteria use to convert sunlight into food. The technique, which portrays a quantum behavior of systems, allowed the team to study the molecular… Read More »

The quantum visualization technique provides information about photosynthesis

This article was reviewed based on Science X’s editorial process and policies. The editors have highlighted the following attributes ensuring the credibility of the content: verified peer-reviewed publication trusted source correct OK! Credit: The journal of physical chemistry letters (2023). DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpclett.3c00670 Systems that obey quantum mechanics are notoriously difficult to visualize, but researchers at… Read More »

Space Colonies: How Artificial Photosynthesis May Hold the Key to Sustained Life Beyond Earth

Life on Earth owes its existence to photosynthesis, a process that is 2.3 billion years old. This immensely fascinating (and still not fully understood) reaction allows plants and other organisms to harvest sunlight, water and carbon dioxide while converting them into oxygen and energy in the form of sugar. Photosynthesis is such an integral part… Read More »