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World Environment Day brings solutions to plastic pollution into focus

Abidjan, June 5, 2023 – Individuals, communities, civil society, businesses and governments around the world today celebrated World Environment Day with a focus on solutions to plastic pollution, with official celebrations held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, with the support from the Netherlands. The focus on solutions to plastic pollution this World Environment Day is especially… Read More »

A Greek NGO leads a crazy attempt to rid the Mediterranean of plastic waste

Salamis, Greece Three divers’ heads bobbed in the sea. Then two white balloons emerged. Attached to them, retrieved from a depth of 16 fathoms (29 metres, 96 feet), was the brown tangle of an abandoned plastic fishing net. The underwater cleanup, just 1.5km (1 mile) off the island of Salamis and 40km (24 miles) from… Read More »

Blue Awakening as Latin American and Caribbean states say no to plastic

From the remote Galpagos Islands to the humid depths of the Amazon, governments are cutting back on plastic, citizens are cleaning up the beaches, and innovators are looking for alternative products as part of a regional-wide movement to reverse the trend in plastic pollution. Awareness of the need for action is growing in a region… Read More »

African nations have the power and tools to re-engineer a future without plastic pollution

This opinion first appeared in The Nation Africa Around the world, cities, oceans and landscapes are clogged with plastic waste, creating risks to human health, threatening biodiversity and destabilizing the climate. That’s why, on World Environment Day this year, the United Nations Environment Program is calling on everyone to do what they can to end… Read More »