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‘Cosmic magnifying glass’ reveals very rare gravitationally lensed deformed supernova. (Thanks Einstein!)

The gravity of a distant galaxy warped space and amplified the light of a distant supernova, potentially revealing tantalizing details about stellar explosions, as well as an invisible population of galaxies and the expansion of the universe. The galaxy appears very faint and not particularly large to us, but its mass – a combination of… Read More »

The coastal family faces a rare genetic condition

Roya Malaekeh, a mother of three from El Granada, never lets her thoughts wander too far into the future. After her daughter Shadi Bozorginia, who turns 7 this month, was diagnosed with the rare genetic condition of Schaaf-Yang syndrome, Malaekeh has learned to take days and hours as they come. I’m just looking to maybe… Read More »

Research to develop new therapies for rare diseases is ongoing at the Jackson Laboratory

image: Researchers led by Cathleen Lutz, Ph.D., are using an exciting new method, preclinical genome editing, to develop safe and effective therapies for rare diseases and bring them to the clinic. visualization Moreover Credit: The Jackson Lab Researchers led by Cathleen Lutz, Ph.D., are using an exciting new method, preclinical genome editing, to develop safe… Read More »

Changes in gut bacteria could signal the onset of a rare genetic disease

This article was reviewed based on Science X’s editorial process and policies. The editors have highlighted the following attributes ensuring the credibility of the content: verified peer-reviewed publication trusted source correct OK! Graphic abstract. Credit: Neurobiology of disease (2023). DOI: 10.1016/j.nbd.2023.106051 New research may have uncovered a relationship between changes in gut bacteria and a… Read More »

I was abandoned by my mother due to my rare genetic condition, then my baby was brain damaged

A woman who was abandoned by her mother as a baby due to her rare genetic condition has revealed how her son was brain damaged in a tragic twist of fate when he was just 18 months old. Kaddy Thomas, from Clevedon, North Somerset, who has dedicated her life to caring for her son Elijah,… Read More »

Fla. Woman with rare genetic condition lives with more than 100 cancers: ‘I suffer from excruciating pain’ (exclusive)

“When one tumor is removed, it’s like another one grows,” says Michele Holbrook, who is raising awareness on neurofibromatosis for the Children’s Tumor Foundation Craig Warga for the Children’s Cancer Foundation; Courtesy of Michelle Holdbrook Michele Holbrook’s leg had been giving her trouble. I was walking down the street and fell out of nowhere, says… Read More »

Explained | The decades-long search for a rare decay of the Higgs boson

Last week, physicists working with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle buster at CERN in Europe reported that they had detected a Higgs boson decaying into a Z boson particle and a photon. This is a very rare decay process that tells us important things about the Higgs boson and our universe. The Higgs boson… Read More »