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Innovation in gravitational-wave detectors could help unlock cosmic secrets

A significant advance in thin-film technology has the potential to improve the sensitivity of gravitational-wave detectors, facilitating a deeper understanding of the universe. The new technique was developed at the UWS’s Institute of Thin Films, Sensors and Imaging and involves producing thin films with reduced thermal noise, improving their detection capability. Researchers have developed thin-film… Read More »

Gravitational-wave innovation could help unlock cosmic secrets

This article was reviewed based on Science X’s editorial process and policies. The editors have highlighted the following attributes ensuring the credibility of the content: verified trusted source correct OK! Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public domain New frontiers in the study of the universe and gravitational waves have been opened following a breakthrough by researchers at the… Read More »

Webb reveals secrets of early universe through deep field, peers into stellar nurseries – NASASpaceFlight.com

16 With the help of the joint NASA/European Space Agency/Canadian Space Agency James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), scientists are peering deep into the universe and uncovering secrets previously hidden from visible and X-ray telescopes. The JWST Advanced Deep Extragalactic Survey (JADES) used Webb’s incredible deep field sensing capabilities to create a deep field that shows… Read More »

Secrets of the hypernuclei flux: first observations at the relativistic heavy ion collider

Physicists at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) have made the first observation of the directed flow of hypernuclei, rare nuclei containing at least one hyperon, in particle collisions. Hyperons, which contain a strange quark, are thought to be abundant in neutron stars, one of the densest objects in the universe. By simulating these conditions… Read More »