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Arctic summer could be virtually free of sea ice by 2030

The first recorded summer that melts virtually all of the Arctic’s floating sea ice could occur as early as the 2000s, according to a new scientific study about a decade earlier than researchers previously predicted. The peer-reviewed findings, released on Tuesday, also show that this climate change milestone could materialize even if nations succeed in… Read More »

Thank the cult of green energy for the big blackouts this summer

Opinion From Glenn H. Reynolds June 5, 2023 | 5.40pm The North American Electric Reliability Corporation has warned that at least two-thirds of the country is at risk of power outages this summer. Christopher Sadowski Summers coming. That means sun, swimming, grilling and blackouts. This is the warning from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.… Read More »

Europe grapples with precarious water situation ahead of another drought-ridden summer

Water resources in Europe are becoming increasingly scarce due to the worsening climate emergency. Reservoirs in Mediterranean countries such as Italy have dropped to water levels typically associated with summer heatwaves in recent weeks. It comes as temperatures are poised to soar over the summer and many fear Europe’s already “very precarious” water problem could… Read More »