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Genetic Analysis AS signs an agreement with ELTA90 Group to distribute and launch GA-map technology in the Balkan region

OSLO, NORWAY – June 8, 2023: Molecular diagnostics specialist, Genetic Analysis AS (“GA”) has entered into a distribution agreement with ELTA90 Group (“ELTA90”), a rapidly growing Sofia-based distributor of laboratory diagnostics in the Balkan region with operations in various countries. One of the areas of interest of ELTA90 is specialized molecular diagnostics for the clinical… Read More »

EOS Data Analytics and Space Electric Thruster Systems demonstrate the technology in orbit

SAN FRANCISCO EOS Data Analytics is acquiring images from the first satellite in the Silicon Valley company’s agriculture-focused constellation. The satellite, built by South Africa’s Dragonfly Aerospace, also served as the first in-orbit propulsion demonstration by Ukrainian startup Space Electric Thruster Systems. EOSDA, Dragonfly and Space Electric Thruster Systems (SETS) are part of the Noosphere… Read More »

Gravitational waves could be generated by the debris fields of dying stars

A team of astrophysicists has determined through simulations that debris released by dying stars can be a source of gravitational wavesthose ripples in spacetime predicted by Einstein more than a century ago. First color images from the Webb Space Telescope Gravitational waves are predicted by the theory of general relativity; they are ripples in spacetime… Read More »

Firefighters against dangerous mosquitoes: New technology can protect against the spread of tropical diseases

The warm season in Europe marks the beginning of the high season for mosquitoes. While they and their larvae serve as prey for many animals and thus play an important role in the ecosystem, humans find the small bloodsuckers rather annoying. Meanwhile, they can also become dangerous for us: Mosquitoes from tropical and Asian regions… Read More »